Gluten-free gooey chocolate cake or cupcakes

Simply gooey, gorgeous and as my boys say, ‘You can’t even tell they’re gluten/wheat and sugar-free’, the ultimate compliment. On par amazingness with anything the gluten and sugar world could offer and here it is.

Salted honey, peanut butter and coconut fudge

I’ve always had a bit of a sweet tooth. My favourite childhood sweets were always sticky toffees, clotted cream caramels and fudges and I would sometimes eat them until my teeth hurt!

Gluten-free macadamia, coconut and lemon tea cake

I think cake is in my DNA. I grew up with a mother who was (and still is ) cake queen and who was taught this craft by my grandmother, who baked love and song into every cake, pirog and pirozhok. (Russian pies and mini-pies). Their baking repertoire was rich and extensive and there always seemed to be a fitting occasion to warrant a performance.

My food journey

The best food is often simple; hearty, nourishing and honest. At the same time its role in our lives is complex; it nurtures, heals and accompanies us in our life journeys, always there to celebrate the joys of life and console us in our trials.