Gluten-free Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Garlic & Sage Burnt Butter Sauce

I have always loved pasta. For me it’s the culinary equivalent of a warm, cashmere jumper, woolly pair of socks and a cuddle. Especially when teamed with a glass of red on a chilly evening… the ultimate in comfort food.This gluten-free, paleo version of gnocchi is absolutely amazing and if you keep your hand very light when mixing all of the ingredients, you will find yourself with the most delectable, soft and cushiony gnocchi.

Spicy Mango Fish

I came up with this recipe during those few magical weeks of summer holidays in Australia, where time stands still and the lazy metronome of cicadas and mosquitos plays its languid soundtrack to days spent at the beach, the sting of sea salt, sand and sun, catching up with family and friends over long, leisurely meals and the comforting reburgeoning of life in suburban backyards and gardens. I decided that coming up with something quick and new for dinner with a glass of cold kombucha or rose in hand was easier than rushing off to buy a whole set of fresh ingredients. My spicy mango fish captures the sweetness and easiness of summer. I hope you love this recipe as much as my family does.