Sugar-free, gluten-free Macadamia Caramel

When I was trialling recipes for a sugar-free toffee-apple, I stumbled upon this little taste sensation by mistake. I had rolled all of my apples in the toffee mixture and found that I still had some of the mixture left. I couldn’t let any of that tasty goodness go to waste, so these little caramel lollies are a tasty afterthought indeed. I hope you enjoy them as much we all did!


  • 250g (1/2 jar) honey
  • 250g good-quality butter or ghee (as the ingredients will be speaking for themselves the quality is important; the better the ingredients the better the lollies)
  • 1/2-1 teaspoon salt crystals (optional)
  • macadamias, roughly chopped and toasted (this is optional and the amount is entirely up to you, depends on how much you love nuts)

You might want to halve this amount unless you really want to make lots!



  1. Roughly chop macadamias if using.
  2. Either lightly grill them in medium oven or dry roast in pan (Try to stay close to the oven as they burn quickly!) Put aside.
  3. Bring honey, butter and salt (if using) to boil on a medium heat, stirring.
  4. Allow to simmer on a lower heat, stirring well until it thickens considerably (this should take about 15 minutes or so) You’ll know that it’s ready when it easily coats and sticks to the back of a wooden spoon. Careful not to burn the mixture though.
  5. Have a tray ready, lined with grease-proof/baking paper ( you might need 2 sheets)
  6. Spread the caramel mixture onto the baking paper.
  7. Sprinkle the mixture with the nuts, let cool slightly.
  8. Roll it into a long caramel cylinder whilst it is still soft enough to work with.
  9. Cut your caramel roll into bite-sized pieces.
  10. Individually wrap those yummy caramels in more baking/grease-proof paper.
  11. Can be stored room temperature or fridge.

They won’t last very long. Enjoy their beautiful, butterscotch-caramel flavour.

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  1. glutenfree vegetarian meal ideas says:

    This looks wonderful


    1. Thank you so much. It’s so easy and so delicious!


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